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5 Reasons to Work with Commercial Real Estate Agents

Commercial Real Estate Brokers—5 Reasons Why You Should Hire One

From insider knowledge to the ability to work with numbers, interpret data, and understand the factors that come into play in commercial real estate properties. These traits play a crucial role in the work of a commercial real estate agent and brokers.

Commercial agents must have a real estate license, a high degree of resilience, and take educational courses to gain industry-specific knowledge—along with excellent interpersonal skills.

Commercial brokers have a specialized skill set in selling or leasing commercial properties thanks to continuing education through real estate degree programs and years of experience.

Apart from a specialized degree, commercial agents must also be well versed in real estate investing matters. Some meaningful courses that can help a commercial real estate broker most in this area include finance, statistics, business administration, economics, and more.

Location matters—it can determine the prospects of your entity for years to come. Let’s face it, finding an ideal space to set up your business is key to the success of your venture. But remember, commercial real estate deals are intricate undertakings. So, you’d want to have ample information about buying, selling, or leasing.

Such a plan helps limit issues like:

  • Adverse legal implications
  • Paying too much for business space
  • Getting stuck with a lease that’s unfavorable to your business

No matter how you’re to look at it, either as a buyer or a seller of commercial property space, hiring commercial agents is a great option. Partnering with a commercial real estate professional helps streamline your business space needs while ensuring you get the best deal in the real estate transaction.

Here’s how a commercial broker can help buyers and sellers find business space or tenants:

1. Save Time

As a business owner, much of your time goes into your firm’s day-to-day transactions—leaving you with minimal free time to go through listings, schedule calls, and book appointments with commercial real estate listing agents. Apart from dealing with the issue of cold calls, you will need to set aside time to visit the properties, understand zoning laws, as well as have the right skills to negotiate favorable rates.

By working with a commercial real estate brokerage, you get to focus on what you do best—the running of your business. As such, you avoid getting held back in the search, wheeling, dealing, and paperwork associated with buying or leasing commercial space.

Commercial property agents work hand-in-hand with a client to pin down their business needs and help find a commercial real estate that meets your needs—besides ensuring you get the best commercial deal.

2. Save Money

Commercial brokers know how to find the best deals. Sometimes they may have listings of their own that offer a great pricing point. Else, they might have a property management firm within their vast network with business space that fits your needs to a T.

Or perhaps they may have insider knowledge on a yet-to-be-listed commercial real estate space that you can get to ahead of everyone else. All the same, they have the tools needed to find suitable space at an unbeatable sales price.

3. Listing Access

Scouting for commercial real estate for sale or lease is vastly different from searching for a residential property. Many listing platforms for commercial real estate exist—but few are available to the public.

Commercial real estate brokers pay substantial fees to gain access to these listings. Most of the time, the best commercial real estate properties hide behind these paywalls.

Commercial agents often use their MLS access to scan for properties that fit the bill but have been in the market for some time. Once real estate space sits vacant for a while, landlords become more inclined to lower their asking price, probably, to get the commercial property off the market.

This insider info not only means a commercial real estate broker can help you save money on such a property but that you also get to meet your business needs and preferences.

4. Knowledge of the Market

The space needs of a prospecting business owner or lessee range considerably, usually based on the market. Even so, it’s best to scout for a commercial real estate location that provides more foot traffic, with room for your business to grow.

That said, the market is periodically changing, plus the location is another factor. Even so, remember that a commercial real estate agent will focus on the market. So, they’re best suited to find the most favorable deals for your budget.

5. Contacts

When you hire a commercial real estate brokerage with a solid background plus years of experience, you also benefit from their sizeable network of contacts. Commercial real estate brokers have a close link—such professional relationships developed over time ensure you also have the same access.

Do you want answers to a particular office space you’ve heard might be made available for lease? Your commercial broker can find out. Plus, by association, this means you can even get a better deal.

Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Pinellas County

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