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How Can a Broker Assist You with the Sale of Commercial Buildings?

Find, Buy, Lease, or Sell Commercial Real Estate with the assistance of a broker.

Suppose you’re ready to buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate. In that case, you probably realize you ought to seek a professional commercial real estate broker for help in the transaction.

While this is standard practice in commercial building transactions, not everyone realizes the importance of these commercial brokers—with some choosing to buy, sell, or lease their commercial properties on their own. So, what’s the importance of working with a commercial real estate agent?

Here’s a high-level view of commercial real estate brokers’ services and the kind of link they have with clients in Pinellas County, Fl.

What Do Commercial Real Estate Brokers Do?

A successful commercial real estate agent plays a key role in any property sale, from office to retail space, warehouses, and apartment complexes. To execute these functions, these commercial real estate professionals in Pinellas must know a great deal about:

  • commercial properties tax
  • Zoning laws
  • Collecting real estate market data
  • Financial analysis
  • Commercial real estate investing
  • Property management

Type of Real Estate License & Duties

Commercial agents/brokers all go through the same real estate licensing qualifications. That said, their professional duties are profoundly different.

For example, residential agents help their clients find a home. But commercial buildings for sale agents serve as intermediaries between multiple actors in a commercial real estate transaction.

Commercial real estate agents will scout commercial buildings for sale based on a client’s needs. Here, specific features will be of interest, including:

  • Available parking space for your clients, patients, or customers
  • Proximity and convenient public transportation
  • Foot traffic of the location
  • Proximity to waterways or interstate highways for reliable shipping
  • Storage space for your inventory
  • Access to additional office space as your business grows

Commercial Real Estate Agent Services

1. Acquisitions

Find or buy commercial real estate properties. Because of their know-how and vast network of industry insiders, commercial property brokers can help search and locate suitable properties, plus negotiate the purchase price and terms on behalf of the client.

2. Dispositions

For a seller or buyer looking to buy, sell, or lease space for business purposes, a commercial broker helps mediate between the interested parties; seeing to it, you get the best listing price.

Thanks to their top-drawer marketing tactics. Clients can find qualified buyers or sellers plus support when negotiating commercial real estate for sale terms to deliver the highest returns. Such an approach works to protect your interests plus ensures you get the best return on your investment.

3. Leasing Dealings

Are you a tenant or landlord looking to lease commercial real estate space? A commercial broker will support you to structure lease rates, find qualified tenants, locate quality space, plus act as a liaison when negotiating lease terms for multiple parties.

Commercial Broker Intermediary

A commercial real estate agent can wear several different hats in acquisition dealings, dispositions, and lease transactions. First, as a listing agent.

Next, a tenant representative. Or serve both roles. Let’s look at the unique features of all these titles.

Listing agent—when playing this role, a commercial broker represents the landlord or commercial buildings for sale owner’ and proceeds in the principal’s best interest.

To ensure the outcome of the negotiations are favorable to the real estate owner, the agent takes care of finding suitable and screened tenants or buyers. After executing the sale, a commercial real estate broker gets paid in commission by the owner as a percentage of the sale price (or total rent for the duration of the lease).

Tenant representative—it’s common for tenants searching for business space to approach a commercial agent to act in their interest. In this setting, the commercial broker is duty-bound to get the tenant client the most favorable deal and best space possible.

In such settings, the broker will work on dealings that fulfill the interests of both the tenant and the real estate owner. Here, the agent acts as a link, facilitating the owners and tenants to locate, buy, sell, lease space.

Find a Commercial Broker in Pinellas, Fl

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